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5 reasons why you should have your corporate event catered.

Companies are now starting to consider the importance of food in the workplace, especially during corporate meetings. Whether it be festive celebrations, annual presentations or establishing new clients they all offer opportunities for networking, training and collaboration.

Food is a simple yet effective way to improve morale, engage your audience and to get people communicating.

With all the time and effort it takes to arrange these events, choosing the right food can seem like a massive undertaking. Hiring a professional caterer can enable the process to become a simple one, and alleviates stress.

1. Caterers will accommodate dietary restrictions.

Making a note of every employee/ guests dietary requirements can be daunting and is a lot of work when already running a business and planning other aspects of the event. Caterers understand how to provide delicious food effortlessly, even for guests with food allergies or preferences.

2. Delegate responsibilities to a professional catering company.

Arranging a corporate event is incredibly time consuming and demanding. Delegate the food to a professional team to reduce stress from your event planning. Caterers also provide servers so that you can enjoy the corporate event alongside your guests.

3. Assortment of food to choose from.

If you are unsure what food to prepare for your corporate event an experienced caterer will be able to select food that works for everyone and the style in which it would be best served.

4. Set the tone of the event

Both the food and the selected style in which it is served will undoubtedly set the overall tone of the event. For instance, canapés circulating on trays provide an air of sophistication, where as street food can bring a more relaxed vibe both promoting mingling and friendly conversation.

5. Make a lasting impression.

Whether it be a festive holiday event, a corporate event with business partners, or a small start-up party they all deserve delicious food. Professionally prepared and served food is for certain a great way satisfy important clients, but it is also a great way to show appreciation to your hard working employees. The food will go long way, and the presentation is essential when it comes to impressing your clients.

Why choose Acorn Catering?

We offer cost effective meal planning and we will design the catering around your event and needs ensuring each person will leave satisfied.

Our food and standards will leave a positive impression of your company.

If you need catering for an upcoming corporate event, meeting or company bonding get in touch with us now and we can discuss your needs with the team. We offer a wide variety of menu options (including breakfast options), perfect for events of all sizes and purposes. We can even help you find the right venue.

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