How to make your event more eco-friendly

When you are planning an event it doesn’t matter how big or small there are lots of ways to ensure your event is as eco friendly as possible.

In order to make your event a green one it’s important that you think about it from the moment you start planning.

Here are a few ways that you can make your event a green one:

Make the most of natural lighting

Picking a venue is always one of the first things to think about when planning your event, so choosing an eco friendly venue is a great place to start. A green outdoor space is an ideal venue, weather permitting of course. This saves massively on electricity for lighting and enables you to make the most of the natural light. If your event extends into the course of the evening you could consider soy-based candles for lighting if needed. To solve any weather worries using a tent or a marquee is a great solution.

Consider distance and transportation

If you are dedicated to ensuring that your event is a green one, then considering how far guests will need travel and how they will get to your venue is extremely important when trying to lower your carbon footprint.

In order to reduce carbon footprint consider arranging group transportation if at all possible. Choose a venue that is close to a train station so guests can opt to use the train or if possible choose a location where guests can get there by foot.

Create digital invites

To maintain being green you will want to avoid using paper. Handing out paper invites would not give an eco- friendly impression. Making digital invites or marketing material is vital. Simply send out email invites, create social media pages to promote your event, you could even set up a website to provide information about the event and publish updates there. This is also great way increase awareness and encourage engagement around your event.

Green Catering

Nowadays, biodegradable tableware is very accessible. If you are worried about the aesthetics, bamboo and wooden options can look just as good.

Sustainable cups are not hard to come by or you could consider a popular method that is being largely adopted these days which is using branded reusable cups, your guest then put a deposit down which will then be refunded once they have returned the cup.